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Steven K. Sterzer, M.D. and his staff offer you the answers and expertise you need to feel at ease. With time sensitive health problems, we truly want you to feel comfortable and confident. Over the years, we have had positive results through the use of our cutting-edge treatments and personalized follow-up care. In addition, we also practice traditional treatments. We want you to know there are many options and we want you to feel happy with the method you decide.

For your delicate health problems, we offer conservative or aggressive options. We will thoroughly educate you with the steps and the process, so you can make an intelligent, informed decision concerning these important health matters.

No Scalpel, No Needle Vasectomy

Vasectomy is the most common procedure performed by North American urologists, totaling more than a half a million men each year. Most men dread the procedure, due to fear of needles in general and pain in particular.

The last decade has seen advancements in both comfort and safety of the procedure. Dr. Charles Wilson of Seattle, disseminated the no needle version of the procedure in 2001 on the Today Show (MSNBCs Special Report (Video): No-needle No-Scalpel Vasectomy). Dr. Ronald Weiss of Ottowa, Canada and Dr. Philip Li, associate professor of Urology at the Weill Cornell Medical School in New York, revised the procedure to its present form. Research reveals that jet injection spray markedly decreases pain, with pain scores of around 1.5 on a 1-10 pain scale. One on the scale is, "I can hardly feel anything!” while 10 is, "The most severe pain I've ever felt!"

Jet injection anesthesia mists the skin and the vasa (sperm conduction tubes) with a small, yet highly effective volume of anesthesia. This is in contrast to needle injection, which requires needle insertion into the skin and surrounding vas and soft tissues with a much larger volume of anesthetic.

Anesthesia begins within a few seconds and lasts for several hours after the no needle, no scalpel procedure. This eliminates pain during the procedure while improving the overall post-procedure recovery time and decreases complications of scrotal hematoma (internal bleeding) and infection. Both are rare complications with the no scalpel, no needle procedures. Following administration of anesthetic, the procedure is done with special instruments through a single midline scrotal puncture technique. 15 to 20 minutes in the office is all the time it takes. Occasionally, men are not candidates due to various anatomic reasons.

We offer the no scalpel, no needle and no anxiety procedure, in a warm and caring environment. To arrange a vasectomy consultation, call Dr. Sterzer's office at 530-895-0428.

Vasectomy Reversal by the Microdot Method

Vasectomy reversal or vasovasostomy, reconnects the sperm transport tube (vas deferens or vas for short) that was obstructed during the cutting and tying of the tube during the vasectomy. The vas deferens is about the size of a fat spaghetti, while the inner sperm transport part is the size of an angel hair pasta or about a twelfth of an inch in diameter.

Reconnecting the tube requires a high-power surgical microscope, which magnifies the field to 25 times normal size and uses stitches that are 17 microns in diameter or about a fifth the size of a human hair strand. During the procedure, the obstruction in the vas is removed and the two open ends of the vas are closed, first with one inner layer using six stitches and lastly, by two separate layers of outer stitches, making a three layer closure. Unlike a single layer closure used by most urologists, this attention to technique minimizes leaking or obstruction of the closure and provides the highest success rates.

Dr. Sterzer is trained in the microdot technique developed by Dr. Marc Goldstein at the Weill Cornell Institute for Reproductive Medicine under the direction of Dr. Philip Li and Dr. Goldstein.

For a free consultation, call Dr. Sterzer at 530-895-0428.


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